Milk by Honey

Grocery coupons clipped for you automatically

#4 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2014
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Cofounder of Honey here. Thanks for hunting it @jtriest. We built Milk because we spend a lot of money on groceries and it sucks to know that we're leaving money on the table by not using coupons. Happy to answer any questions.
@ketau @jtriest Vons & Ralph's in the screenshots - LA locals?
@stttories @ketau @jtriest Yup, go Lakers! Or maybe not...
@stttories guilty as charged. We're based in sunny Pasadena. We will wave to you all on Jan 1 :)
@gemusan @ketau @jtriest I am a Lakers fan, actually! I'm in the bay area but grew up in Santa Monica for awhile :) Nice + congrats on the launch!
Here's hoping this is easier and more effective than receipt-snappers Snap by Groupon and Checkout 51!
@chrismessina We're much too lazy to scan receipts so we made sure the savings process is drop dead simple. The grocery coupons are "clipped" to your store rewards card and the savings are automatically applied at the register during checkout.
@gemusan exactly. Sounds great. How many offers are typically "clipped" by Milk versus Snap or Checkout 51?
@gemusan exactly. Sounds great. How many offers are typically "clipped" by Milk versus Snap or Checkout 51?
@chrismessina Depends on the store. There are ~450 at Safeway right now and ~150 at Kroger.
Honey is one of the most incredible Chrome extensions. Super excited to see another awesome product from the team. Congrats @ketau!
@ShloimeFlg Thanks! For those familiar with Honey, Milk is basically Honey IRL: Tap a button, pay less at checkout.
This is awesome (if it works as advertised). I've been a long-time user of Honey's Chrome extension, which automatically searches for and applies coupons to various only merchants like GoDaddy, Newegg, etc. What do retailers think of this, @gemusan / @ketau?
@rrhoover @ketau Thx. We're going to make sure it works as advertised! Milk makes grocery coupons so easy that we're introducing this consumer behavior to a whole new (much bigger) demographic. More people using coupons = more revenue and loyalty for grocery stores = more opportunity for CPGs to shape consumer behavior.
Use Honey all the time! Awesome to see you expanding