Track miles driven for tax purposes

Katie Waller
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    Does it all on autopilot


    Haven't really noticed any

    I find this so incredibly easy to use which is great for someone who hates tracking things and writing things down. Good PDF reports at the end of the month too.

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So simple but useful. My parents have a fleet of drivers that record mileage and gas expenditure. This would simplify things tremendously (and keep drivers honest). Thanks for sharing, @ImNotJK! @shreebobnish (mom) - forward this to dad.
The design of the product is awesome. And it is very simple to use.
Mobile Data Labs, the makers of this product just got acquired by Microsoft. Added this product to my MSFT M&A list -
Simple and easy to use Milage tracker. I was concerned at first that it may use more battery power than I would like, but it seems to have very little impact. Useful product for anyone who is either reimbursed for mileage that they drive for work. Or if you own a business and need milage information for tax purposes. Really like how easy it is to swipe between personal drives and business drives. You can also either quickly swipe to just put business purposes off till later or slow swipe to classify the drive right then. Something that you may find handy is a discount. ;) After using the app for about a month they gave me a link for 20% off. Link -> IMO use the app free first and if you decide it works for you then you have a discount available also. :)