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My good friend Chris just launched this, and I am SO using it on my next flight - it lets you tap into a network of people who are flying at the same time as you, and the app is available for iPhone and Android. Thank the Gods. What do we think?
I'm intrigued to try this for my next flight! I'll let you know how it goes :)
@ems_hodge would love to hear about your experience with it, make sure you let us know!
Since there were 37.4 million flights scheduled in 2014. How many people do you think will need to sign up to get at least 2 random people on any given flight?
@walterareid and that's a great question. The critical size is quite high and it's definitely the biggest challenge.
@walterareid I am glad you brought this up! This was a topic of hot discussion during our planning and research phases :) We recognised this early on, and at this stage have covered this off by letting you browse flights to the same destination +- 24 hours. So if you are off to Ibiza for example, and want to meet some party people, any other global flights TO Ibiza in that time frame will also let you swipe left and right and join in the chat there too. We also have a large expansion for the chat rooms planned, focused around chatting topics (business, holiday, partying, etc), as well as airport centric chat rooms. This should increase the chance of encounters greatly.
Hey Chris, you should check slightly more geared towards airplane dating but seems close to your project as well... Long list but I really like the idea.
@fiessedouard Hi Fiess, thanks very much :) We actually stumbled across the Wingman guys recently. I think they are both similar, but they have narrowed their sights on the whole Tinder / dating aspect. This is something people can do on MileHi if they wish, however we believe there are huge opportunities in the business networking space, and general holiday makers too. Best of luck to both of them, and it validates our idea nicely, however we think there's a whole host of different use cases for MileHi. Being niche is good, but being multiple nested niches may restrict their potential too much.
@fiessedouard Oh and also, I bet Wingman wished they had our name... ;)
@h0rseh0rse ahhahaah I bet they do :) I agree on the dating VS business part! Good luck to you guys!
Hey guys! Big thanks to Violeta for hunting us. As a frequent flyer in both business and personal travel, I often wonder who my fellow passengers are, where they are off too, what they will do at their destinations. So we created MileHi, to allow socialising and networking during otherwise large periods of downtime while in the air, and in the run up to a flight. Add your flights. See who’s on your plane and other similar flights to your destination. Browse their profiles and see who you’d like to socialise with. Would love to get Product Hunts feedback :)
@h0rseh0rse Looks awesome! Will it ever support wifi-free messaging via Bluetooth like FireChat?
@oassoulin Thanks! We have had a few requests for this today on here and twitter. Its definitely on the list, however will have to increase its priority based on the requests. We have seen it on FireChat and Jott, and think it works really well, however as the lifespan of a flight chat for us is potentially months, the flight itself is a very small part of that. Watch this space :)