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#1 Product of the DayMay 17, 2019
Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards. Add notes, images, links and files, organize them visually and share them with your team. The Next Web described Milanote as “The Evernote for creatives”.
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Hey Product Hunt—Milanote CEO here! An iOS app has been our #1 request since we launched Milanote way back in 2017, and to be honest it's kind of ridiculous that it's taken us this long to release one. But hey—better late than never right? 😆 If you're looking for a simple way to save notes, images and links on your phone, we've got you covered. Think Evernote, Bear and a million similar apps. But the real magic happens when you log in to Milanote on your desktop computer and start organizing your content into visual boards. Milanote was been designed to feel like working on a wall in a creative studio—all of your notes, images, links, tasks and files laid out in a shareable visual workspace. It's fast, flexible and fun to use—check it out! We'll be online all day to answer any questions, so ask away! 😊
@oliebol I second the motion for iPad support! I feel like I've used every moodboarding / visual collection tool that's been released over the last 10 years and Milanote trumps them all. The browser extension also clips more intelligently than pretty much every competitor. The only cons are the lack of iPad support (iPad Pro + Milanote seem made for each other) and some of the Instagram clipping behaviour (I don't like having to manually refresh each individual embed to see the image-- there's a static low res image saved for preview purposes, it would be good if this just literally duplicated the image, as per clipping from other locations where there isn't a live embed).
@deejtulleken Agree on the iPad version—our iOS developer is dying to get started on it! Thanks for the feedback re: Instagram clipping too, I've added it to our list to look into 😊
Please let us know once the iPad version is ready! @deejtulleken @oliebol
It's a solid app but I can't get past the pricing tiers, or lack there of. 100 notes, images or links (free tier) goes fast and the professional tier at $120 a year isn't feasible for personal use. Could use a middle tier at a couple bucks a month...similar to Bear. Just my two cents. Anyways keep up the good work.
@shakenbake1980 thanks for the feedback Josh! Our vision for Milanote is that it becomes the central workspace for your most important projects, which we think justifies the price. If you're just looking for a simple place to store your notes, then agree it might be overkill :)
@shakenbake1980 @oliebol I second Josh's feedback. I love this app, but 100 note cap vs. tools like Google Drive, where I do everything from storage to invoicing to spreadsheets are free. After years I finally decided to pay $1.99 a month to handle more data in Drive. But to pay $10/month for more...notes, seems excessive. I've begun migrating a few categories of notes over to Drive & Evernote to avoid the cap, which for me is 200 due to inviting folks to the platform.
@shakenbake1980 @oliebol @meghan_trainor_seattle I love milanote, but for personal use it just too expensive. Like Josh said, some middle tier would be great
A great product made by great people. I began using Milanote to map out a game project, and it quickly became my go-to creative space. It now houses 6 game projects, 3 contract projects, and an area for all my future planning. When sharing links with partners and clients, 100% of them are amazed at how easily ideas are communicated, facilitating productive meetings, critical conversations, and establishing next steps (to do list!). As for price, I partner with a contract writer at the moment who costs me $2000/month for a quarter of his time. The $120/year for a collaborative work space is a steal, and has blown away what could be accomplished solely in Slack or other remote work applications. I can't wait to dive into the iOS version this weekend. A big shout-out to Brett & Ollie. Thanks again, guys. You drastically improved the way that I approach creative work.
@cord_smith Thanks for the support and the kind words Cord, really appreciate it!
Congrats @oliebol You've done great work! Good luck!