Robot lawn mower, by Honda.

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I prefer Google Gnome.
How much is it? Couldn't find a price.
Great, give the robots sharp blades.
@morewillie Hahaha. At least they didn't include machine learning as a feature
@morewillie Right. And what happens after it tastes human blood?
Perfect if you live in a Greek villa with PGA Tour quality greens. ;) In all honesty, they should make the reverse robot. One that looks exactly the same, but finds deadspots in your lawn and plants/cultivates/heals new grass.
@wuss and one that pulls weeds
@wuss I like that!
@anodigital Pulling might be a lot to ask (since even humans pulling weeds don't do it right with all their 10 finger dexterity), but conceivably a robot that dispenses fertilizer can also dispense weed killing chemicals accurately.
With a cutting area so small, this will take forever and leave at least half a foot of uncut grass near the boundary lines.
@joshuapinter Cutting area shouldn't matter as long as it can finish the job - even if it requires a re-dock and then gets back at it. Half a foot of uncut grass? I'm not following.
@kristofertm Finishing the job isn't the problem. It's not being able to cut the grass that's close to a fence, etc. Does that make sense?
@joshuapinter Somewhat. Even when I push mow I still need to trim so I see your point that there would still be some manual labor involved. It would great if this had some weed whacker-esque arm that could do a final outside lap and finish / trim.
@kristofertm Exactly. So maybe it helps keep 95% of your grass well trimmed and then you have to go around manually trimming the sides. Similar to a Roomba.