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Thank you for hunting us, Chyan Phang! Hi everyone! Thanks for checking us out and helping us in our cause. At Miigle, we have one simple mission: Turn 100% of Consumerism into a force for GOOD. This is our first step in building a technology that helps you become more conscious consumers by showing you brands that don't just create the great products you enjoy everyday but also use their revenue to solve some of the world's biggest problems like protecting the environment, fighting poverty, eradicating hunger, human rights abuse and so more. This is something EVERY brand in the world can do and with your help we can empower the ones that do and incentivize the ones that haven't yet. If this is a belief you share, then please join us. We need you. The world needs you. We are ready to answer any questions you may have. THANK YOU. ♥️🌍✌️
Id be interested to know how people on product hunt view the mission for a social good marketplace. Do you personally own anything from a social good company? #buysocialgood #ecommerce #producthunt