Migraine Buddy

1st global virtual study that tackles migraine headaches

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Thanks for having us! A little info about the founders - we came from healthcare and IT industries with years of experience. Francois's father had two strokes and the initial project was the brainchild for him to find a way to monitor his father in a nonobstrusive way. My father died of heart attack while she was working on mobile ECG at GE. Ali came from IBM with a great experience in IT infrastructure. We started Migraine Buddy in search of a better way to monitor patients without limiting their freedom. Migraine affects 10-15% of population worldwide including young children. Aside from recording it as a diary, we took a step further to leverage the sensor readings from patients' smartphones - sleep for example. We built an automatic sleep detection engine to correlate how sleep could be potentially an effect or a cause to migraine triggers. The app is developed with neurologists and neurosurgeons specifically addressing the clinical needs for patients and doctors. Today migraine research is severely underfunded. The approach taken by the research institution can at best taking data from a few thousand of patients. Where we are today, we have more than 20k within 5 months of launch. For individual patient, they are already seeing great insights they would not have been able to using paper diary. For researchers, it is a breakthrough to get this array of (anonymous) information. We are also working on iOS version which will be released in a couple of months. Please let us know what you think. Love to hear from you all product hunters.
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Looks like quite a deep/detailed tracking app. Curious to hear about interesting correlations found so far. Also: what's with tracking the intake of aged cheese?!
@PieterPaul thanks much!! Aged cheese - an interesting one indeed. The culprit is Tyramine :) it also exists in cured and smoked meat. We looked into historical weather patterns and found rise in temperature and drop in humidity is correlated to migraine attacks. Sleep is also highly correlated (lack of sleep and oversleep) as well. We are working with neurologists on finding more interesting insights! Stay tuned.
Deceptively useful! What may appear as another app in the health-medical ecosystem is actually revolutionary for patient empowerment. IMHO the value here, aside from the platform and analytics, is that patients can use their own mobile device. No accessory needed. No 150 dollar band or head gear or patch to get lost or outdated. And yet the system can use wearables when needed, for example when augmenting Pharm and Bio clinical trials to add layers of monitoring never before possible.
@drsteventucker Thanks! That's really our premise. Dealing with chronic diseases is really a daunting task. We think smartphone monitoring is the way to go, when it's paired with intelligent analytics!
Eagerly awaiting the iOS launch. I've had migraines since age 12 and I've been horrible about tracking them to see what the cause might be. Would love an easier way to investigate!
@colbyh I hear you! We got iOS coming in a few weeks and we have a waiting list on our website www.migrainebuddy.com. If you don't mind, I will let u know when it's available. Would love to get your feedback.
@verochew Already on the list! Glad to give any feedback I can once it is launched. Or, you know, if you want to slip my name on to the pre-release list ;-)
@colbyh awesome you will certainly be on the pre-release list! (-:
After being diagnosed with complex migraines I had no idea what my triggers were, but this app really allowed me to identify them and realize what was truly causing a migraine. This app has made my life so much easier and has helped me find a way to keep my migraines under control. It works wonderfully, has great features, and is easy to use!
@elsiea94 Thanks for your encouraging comment! We are so happy to see Migraine Buddy helping you keeping migraines under control. This is the whole purpose of this ambitious project and encouraging comments like yours keep our team going to improve Migraine Buddy further! Thank you so much :-)