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Most used SDKs in top 200 free iOS apps. Learn what to use.

#4 Product of the DayJuly 17, 2016
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This is very cool. A leaderboard of what SDKs are embedded in the appstore's top apps. Vungle (a startup that I co-founded 5+ years ago) is embedded in 33 of the top 200 apps. Pokemon Go has 9 SDKs embedded: - CrittercismSDK - Google-AdMob-Ads-SDK - GoogleNetworkingUtilities - Nianticproject - PLCrashReporter - Unity3d - Upsight - Company - JSQWebViewController
This is Shane, one of the makers. Great to see the insights people are deriving! Happy to answer any questions. We worked on this project because as former mobile developers, we faced the problem of not knowing what SDKs were out there that could make our app better. MightySignal's paid product is for companies looking for sdk usage across the millions of apps we've scanned, but this was a fun project to get something free out there for the developer community.
@legendary_shane Hi Shane, great product. I couldn't find any pricing info on your site - would you mind sharing a link to it?
@tomasruta Hi Tomas - we have a few different plans. Want to shoot me an email at shane at mightysignal?
Happy to see our chat sdk- CometChat being used by apps as well :)
super helpful!