Instant profile metrics on any Instagram influencer

MightyScout is a startup building tools in influencer marketing for brands and social media agencies. The influencer lookup tool allows you to instantly get engagement stats, top photos, past sponsored campaigns, and more for any Instagram profile.

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Hi Product Hunt, I’m Kevin, co-founder of MightyScout, a small, bootstrapped startup in the influencer marketing space since 2016. We’re data nerds at heart and we believe more data will help marketers be more successful in this space so we’re releasing a series of free tools and content. To start, influencer marketers deserve a reliable way to quickly analyze profiles so we built the free influencer lookup tool we’re presenting today. It’ll work for any public profile on Instagram and provides the profile’s basic engagement data, their most frequent posting location, top mentions, previous ad campaigns (if any), and more. Influencer marketing is changing: Many opportunists see it as a way to get rich quick and have been resorting to trickier methods to fake follower counts or high engagement levels. We’ve heard horror stories of brands spending $100-$20k on fake influencers for minimal return. Analyzing influencers can be a time-consuming process so our tool offers instant access to metrics marketers care about along with a $5 paid upgrade for insights on the influencer’s audience and engagement legitimacy (i.e. if they’re pumped by bots or pods). The Product Hunt community is the first to try it out outside of our existing clients. We want to make sure it’s as good as it can be so we’d love to get your feedback! Here are a few questions we have: - Do you work with influencers regularly? - What are some of the challenges you face in influencer marketing? - Are influencers faking their engagement a problem for your brand? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments or email me directly at kevin@mightyscout.com. As a special bonus for the PH community, we're offering a $5 audience insight report to anyone who replies to this thread for free. Just reply and we'll get in touch!
@kokev $5 per profile? Seems pretty steep. HypeAuditor ends up being about $1.8 per
@evankimbrell Hiya Evan. We're aware of cheaper options but we believe if you're about to run a campaign that might cost you/your brand between $100 to thousands of dollars, accuracy and reliability of data is key. We encourage anyone skeptical of our data to try a free report of someone they already worked with so they can compare their own findings with ours. This way you can either get a better sense of how accurate our findings are, and if they're off, we can recalibrate our algorithms so it's win-win for us :).
@mightyscout @kokev i want to try it (i'm a tech journalist of a big spanish media site, can i get a code to try it all well? thanks!)
@mightyscout @kokev Hey Kevin, I could be interested in that test audience insight report to see what more I actually get than your free offering (which seem pretty good already).
@santiaraujo DMed you :)

Definitelly do not trust the information. There is no way the can now the audience demographics without the account's permission. I know this because we are doing something similar with the facebook / instagram API


quick way to test engagement ratio


Demographic stats of the audience are not true at all. An account with 90% Argentinian audience showed as 86% US, 10% Brazil...

Hi there, thanks for trying it out. Do you mind if I get in touch with you about your experience? I tried to find what audience report you're referring to but we don't have any reports with nearly an 86% US audience. Lastly, there are a few heuristics you can leverage to determine an account's location: their post geotags, certain words/phrases in their tagline (although we're not feature-complete here), but you're right in that the information is not given outright. Happy to speak more on the dev side of things too if you'd like :D Edit: Is it possible your results came from looking at this portion? If so, those are fake/sample data we use as placeholders before a report is fully generated. We'll definitely look to make this more clear if that's the case!
You were probably looking at the placeholder report they auto-generate..
Congrats guys! I used this product to do some research for a campaign recently. It was really easy to use and made it easy to find an email. Love the design and attention to detail!
@curious_founder Thanks Michael! Pro designer @anderson760 at the helm.

Mighty Scout is really well designed and easy to use. There's also no sign up required in an industry where every other product is overpriced and requires talking to a sales rep to even try. This is definitely the first consumer-feeling product in the industry.


Beautifully designed. Great way to find contact info of influencers. Great customer support / team behind it.


Haven't had any problems yet.

Kevin / Joe. Great work on this. 1. I’d like to free trial for the full data. 2. Let’s talk. I run shade.co and we manage 85+ influencers Hit me up at jacques(at)shade.co
@jacqueshbastien Thanks, Shade looks awesome! I just sent you an email