Mighty Timer

Brew the perfect cup of tea

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Thanks Daryna. The backstory is as simple as it gets. @thattyson wanted to get notifications that his tea was finished on his Watch and I kept forgetting about my tea and having to drink it cold and strong! It's a simple app, but we have some exciting ideas to help us grow into a marketplace for tea/tea times.
Tea lovers - this is your app! Brew a perfect cup of tea by getting instructions for popular tea profiles (e.g. black tea, herbal tea) or make your own! Alert sounds are elegant while being effective. brb -my tea is ready! Hey @bendocksteader - what's the backstory of the Mighty Timer?
Ha this is quite cool. I tend to just guess when my tea is ready but often you can get slight variations... I'm ok with that as it keeps me on my toes haha. But for tea perfectionists this is pretty cool! Especially if you often have different variations of tea often. Otherwise you could just figure out the timing and then use a timer app... but where is the fun in that I guess!
@bentossell Thanks - a lot of people use the app just for the timer, but we get a lot of love from tea enthusiasts that go all out and keep track of all their teas, temperature, water:tea ratios, etc.
Love these simple specialized apps. It's like Old Sport for tea!
Love the UI on this