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In the wake of Imzy shutting down, it's very curious to see @GinaB relaunching MightyBell as Mighty Networks, a kind of meta-network of interest-based social networks.
I wonder how different this is from, say, Google+ (as it exists today)?
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@chrismessina @ginab it's been relaunched like this for a while if I remember correctly. A friend uses it for running a Women in Tech startup community HQ'd in Sydney, Australia
@chrismessina @ginab When something's not working, it's a hard decision to call it quits and give the money back. In our case, I think it was the right decision. In most cases I think it's the right decision.
@kickme444 sure, I totally get that. What I mean is — are Mighty Networks's differences from Imzy sufficient to give it the escape velocity (or financial independence) it needs to succeed?
@chrismessina Hey Chris! Yeah, we launched Mighty Networks in April as a totally reimagined platform for creating and growing community-powered brands on mobile and web. We're seeing some great results and people are taking their Mighty Networks in some really cool directions. In terms of how a Mighty Network is different from, say, Google+, well, it's different in pretty much every way. It's more like a modern, smarter, native mobile and web Ning than Google+. Starting with the ability to put your brand and purpose front and center (including with your own branded mobile apps if you upgrade to our PRO plan: www.mightynetworks.com/pro). That's a big difference. Beyond that, a Mighty Network is unique in that: + When you invite members in, they'll instantly see people near them, members and activity in the topics they choose, and other members by the categories they define. + Everything for your interest is in one place, with content and conversations that never get lost. Happy to share more if you're interested. Thanks! Gina
@ginab big Kudos on the remarkable UX - have no doubt that this is a very differentiated product from FB Groups et al. I'll start using it to manage my communities. see you shortly.
Curious which Mighty communities people are involved in. I know @Jason's been using this for the This Week in Startups audience.
@rrhoover Yes! @Jason's This Week in Startups network is a great example. Love his community: https://community.thisweekinstar... Here are a few others... Hairbrained, for craft hairdressers: https://www.hairbrained.me Better, for fans of author and Happier podcast host Gretchen Rubin: https://www.betterapp.us Beyond Type 1, for those impacted by Type 1 Diabetes: https://community.beyondtype1.org CoCommercial, Tara Gentile's network for digital small business owners: https://members.cocommercial.co Happy to share more or answer any questions! :)
@rrhoover @jason I'm planning on starting a group for local designer who are interested in UX/UI.
@jason @rrhoover A PH Mighty Network might be an interesting concept?! Would you join?
I just downloaded the app about five minutes ago but I'm already loving. The interface is so clean and I love that you can brand your network. I think this one might be a keeper on my iPhone.
We've been using the platform for our own OUTCOMES Customer Success community for over a year now and it's been a great platform. You can't beat the functionality, the helpfulness of the MN team or the price point for what you get. Sure there are lot's of ways to hack a community out there but when I found MN, I stopped trying to piece something together as it really gave us what we were looking for.
@toddceby useful — thanks! What are the top features for you?
@chrismessina there's a lot to like... As the admin, I really think the top features are: - Setup/Admin: Was super easy to get things laid out and branded. I think it took me a whopping 30 minutes to stand up something that looked pretty polished. They give you a lot of ability to customize the environment. - Analytics: The high-level dashboard lets you know how engaged your members are, how you're growing MoM and the drill-downs let you look at lower-level stats on user and post engagement. - Ambassador Program functionality: One thing that we've really been focused on since launch was our plan for growing the community. The Ambassador function that they have has enabled us to grow at our planned rate by WoM alone. - Public/Private/Secret Spaces: The ability to do things like local groups and private spaces (we use them for post-workshop/mastermind type groups) got us away from Facebook and enabled us to start building out localized communities in the areas where we had user concentrated. I think the ability for a community to have offline conversations and local events is critical if you want to drive deeper levels of engagement. In terms of functionality that the members enjoy, the top features are: - Questions and Polls: These are pretty slick and really drive a lot of engagement. - Post Authoring: They offer a Medium-like experience when it comes to authoring which makes getting folks to submit original content and longer form posts much easier...which helps to keep the number of "look at my post on LinkedIn" type posts to a dull roar. - Mobile App: A lot of the members interact solely via the app. While you have to pay the big bucks to get the branded standalone app, the standard app has pretty much the same functionality.
This looks pretty sweet. I see an integration with streamchat, yeah?
@simeonduke Thanks! There is a Slack integration that lets you easily get a real-time stream of everything happening in your Mighty Network within a Slack channel. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. :)