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How is the email deliverability and authentication on this?

In general it works for me however I've got my secondary domain there with a very low traffic. I would't use Migadu for my personal email or something critical.


* free plan is great (I can use my own domain)

* good webmail

* catch-all email aliases


if the service is down (it was the case) there is no way to contact the team

no twiter, nothing. no public changelog

I have been running email services there for 1 year now and never experienced any outages. Also, the founders reply very quickly when you contact them via support@migadu.com and have been very helpful.
This can be another option to add with Rackspace at @Cloudways.

Great free e-mail server. Haven't seen anything better yet.


Free e-mail server, relatively easy setup


Nothing particular

We use Zoho for our domains...works pretty good