Midnight Snack

24-hour mixtape by Noon Pacific

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Hey guys, I'm the creator of @noonpacific and this Midnight Snack experiment. Feel free to ask me any questions.
@cdinnison @noonpacific this looks great Clark! Excited to listen through this one today :)
@brian_lovin @noonpacific Thanks Brian! Nice work on Mvsic, super clean looking and good tunes. Looks like music side-projects are a common theme for us product managers.
@cdinnison @noonpacific haha YES! It's a nice outlet, eh? I'm in SF now, if you're ever in the area I'd love to connect. Didn't realize you were also behind Upbeat (I was working with you guys on a Kollection fork a while back!)
@brian_lovin Yeah I just saw your Kollection connection too. I'll definitely let you know next time I'm in SF.
Lovin your stuff @brian_lovin. Headin to SF next week for SF MusicTech. Gonna be around?
On a related note, I've been loving the mixes curated on @brian_lovin's Mvsic.
@rrhoover @brian_lovin Yeah, he's been finding some great stuff. There are some better options surfacing for music discovery here and there lately. Still tough for me to find artists that I absolutely love, but I tend to like stuff that's not a bit more artsy and out there.
@rrhoover thanks for the shout Ryan - Midnight Snack seems like a really amazing idea, and super in line with what we were discussing in terms of curated mixes/playlists. Excited to listen to this one today!
Agree @rrhoover, @brian_lovin has some great stuff on there!
@brian_lovin @rrhoover We should chat about where we're headed with our music projects, could be some things to work on together.
@cdinnison that'd be sweet! Want to move to email? I'm following @noonpacific on twitter if you want to follow back and DM your address?
I knew they had something in the works at Noon Pacific. This is an intriguing idea that provides a good "mixtape" for when you're heads down at work. What was the inspiration for this product idea, @JustinZupnick?
@lylemckeany Thanks for posting this! @JustinZupnick is helping me with another project called Music News (musicnews.io), but I'm the only one behind Noon Pacific for now. Trying to use NP to spread authentic musical experiences by trying out different experiments like Midnight Snack.
@cdinnison @lylemckeany Keeping my headphones on all day with this. No more socializing at work for me. Good stuff! Love the color scheme too.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks Nichole! Great work on Product Hunt, quite a community you guys have built here.
@cdinnison never letting me down with the solid music choices.