Curated mid-century modern design for your home.

MidMod is a meticulously curated site filled with the best mid-century modern items sourced exclusively from Amazon.

Hey folks, I'm Matt and I'm the creator of MidMod. What started as a way for me to collect my favorite mid-century items on Amazon has turned in to a meticulously curated site by myself and other great designers. I hope you enjoy, please let me know if you have any questions or comments—happy to hear all feedback!
Up voted for the awesome design! I’m not sure what mid century is supposed to be when it comes to interior design but I can see how all the items listed fit together. I’m sure it’s going to make people’s lives easier (no endless searches to find items that go well with each other). The problem is that since items that are sourced from Amazon US, the transportation costs for the items that do ship to Europe and other continents are bound to be too high, which makes the website not so useful for people who don’t live in the US.
@anna_0x Hi Anna, thanks for the compliment on the design! We launched with Amazon US only, but we're currently working on localizing these products (where available) to bring them to a larger global audience. Thanks again for the feedback, glad you enjoy the site!