One-stop-shop for your media work, market data and research.

Midesk is an innovative market intelligence solution that helps you streamline and professionalize your media workflows, structure market information and conduct research projects collaboratively. Midesk makes it easy to manage and share your media and market knowledge from one single place.
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Hello Product Hunt community! 👋 Jakub, Christian and I are excited to be here. First of all, we'd like to thank @kevin for hunting us! 🙌 So what problem are we solving? We created Midesk because we've leant first-hand that media work takes too much of unnecessary time; market data, market intelligence and market research are critical to business success, and yet there is no simple dedicated solution for it. We built Midesk with the vision of solving these problems and making market intelligence attainable to every company. There is no convenient one-stop-shop solution on the market, and companies need to either subscribe to many tools or are forced to start internal projects, and thus lose focus again. Our Solution Midesk is a next-generation market intelligence platform for every Strategy, Sales, PR and Market Intelligence department to manage media work, market data and market knowledge. Capabilities: ✅ Store, process and distribute news articles with insights ✅ Create branded send-outs in just a second ✅ Centralize, manage and report all your market data (such as competitors' KPIs) from one single place ✅ Develop, store and keep long-term reports and competitor profiles up-to-date ✅ Manage market research projects in a structured way ✅ Bring your teams together to collaborate on research projects Give it a try: sign up now. We’d love to get your feedback and we’re happy to answer any of your questions! 🙏
great product and great team - I'm a proud investor!
Thank you for the support, @nico. And we are a proud startup in the Next Media Accelerator portfolio!