High-quality, affordable music for YouTubers

Choosing music for YouTube videos is a daughnting task, because most YouTubers are stuck doing all the work themselves. Download a sample, upload to the editor, see if it works, rinse and repeat. Mideo makes this easier by allowing YouTubers to upload a video to the platform and quickly listen to any of the hundreds of songs in Mideo’s library.

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@jhnwlsn so if I buy it and place in my youtube video will be no problem with advertisement and copyright claims?
@vladkorobov I believe that is correct. I took care of the platform, but @tyler_vmrmusic is taking care of the licensing. Tyler, can you confirm this?
@jhnwlsn @vladkorobov hey! Yes that is correct! As long as you don’t work for a major network, you can use our product license free! The only thing we ask is that you mention us in the description.