Midas 2.0

Unveil who's behind an email address

#5 Product of the DayJune 28, 2017
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Hi PH! We just launched Midas 2.0: The best way to unveil who's behind an email address ! We are now collecting data from more than 100 sources. When you enter an email address we will give you up to 20 data fields about it including: first name, last name, company name, location, phone number, etc You can also upload a list of emails and we will enrich them for you and send all the data directly to your inbox! Try it (it’s free 😉 ) and let us know what you think!
@luismbat do you have APIs for lead enrichment? Whats the hit rate ?
@get2vikasjha Shoot me an email luis@amplemarket.com and we can talk about the API access 🙂
Late in the day and no one has asked about the two largest players in the space? Tsk tsk PH, get on your game! 😂 Would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing differently than Clearbit on business email address enrichment, who is the clear leader right now. And also, Fullcontact's person API, which is arguably more consumer email focused. Pitch us, what is your innovation and differentiation to these products that already do this, have more money than you, and have more mature products? 😄
@jcwinter the way we look at it, when it comes to email enrichment the most important thing is to have as complete of a dataset as possible. We are certainly focused on business contacts and we collect information from more than 100 different sources.
@luismbat how does that compare to Clearbit and how is that value better for me as a possible customer? 20% more data than Clearbit on average in testing a sample size? Etc?
I made 3 attempts and have got only names of email owners..
@bluekristall We have been having some occasional issues due to all the traffic from PH so that might be the cause.
Interesting tool, I'm using Voila Norbert from @cx42net for getting emails of needed ppl. Your tool is not about lead prospecting, right? Is it more for getting info about people? Also, how can you verify that your info is correct?
@lisadziuba You can think of it as a tool for lead enrichment. If you want to get the email of the person you can use another tool we have called EmailMatcher (www.emailmatcher.com ): you just need the first and last names of the prospect + the domain of the company and we will give you the email address (which you can then enrich in Midas 😉 )
@luismbat thanks for answering!