Microverse 2.0

The global school for remote software developers.

Microverse is a global school for software developers that accepts students regardless of where they're from and doesn't charge them anything until they get a job.
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Hi, Product Hunters 👋 It’s Ariel, the founder of Microverse here. Thanks, @kevin for hunting Microverse! Microverse is the first coding school in the world that’s crazy enough to not charge you anything until you’re employed—regardless of what country you’re from—and where students learn through remote pair programming. We launched Microverse over a year ago and a lot has changed since then. We added standup teams to work together on morning and evening coding challenges, Technical Support Engineers that are available full-time to answer students' questions, a mentorship program, and a dedicated Student Success team to make sure every student has the support needed to complete the program. We've also accomplished quite a bit, too. Here’s an overview: 💪🏼 Created an incredibly selective process to identify the world’s most talented individuals (current selection rate is 0.3%) 📈Enrolled full-time students in 48+ countries. 🗺️Received tens of thousands of applicants from ~200 countries* 💲Graduated students from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and North America whose salaries are 2x-8x what they made before. 🌍Accumulated dozens of inspiring stories ranging from students from Serbia and Kosovo who decided to put their differences aside and work full-time as coding partners to graduates saying things like “If you can get stable internet and electricity, Microverse is what you need to do.” 👩‍💻Grown our global-first, fully distributed team to people from 7+ countries. (We’re hiring! 😄) Here’s an article I wrote about our mission and where we’re headed: https://medium.com/@arielcamus/a... Some of the team will be around to answer questions you might have. Feel free to ask us anything!
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@kevin @arielcamus Hi, guys! This an amazing program. I really like the vision of the company and all the work you are doing. This is going to be a huge project and I'm looking forward to be there to see it.

I know this might sound like a cliche, but Microverse is really making the world a better place. Talent is everywhere we know, but Ariel Camus and his team are really making opportunities available everywhere as well. It's my third month into the program now and I feel more secure about my future than I was last year. My days at Microverse has been one of the best experiences I've had, awesome coding buddy, great standup team and wonderful students from different parts of the world.


Pair programming, innovative way learning, very good structure and awesome model.


Very good internet infrastructure and good power supply is required for the best experience.

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These guys will change the world at some point.


It is an amazing learning platform. I highly recommend it to anyone.


Needs more students. Needs more learning programs.

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yeah partner

the enrollment and acceptance test is great idea to ensure the quality of the learning, I just went through the process and got accepted, I was very exciting about what is in the road ahead.


Innovative way of teaching, professional career services, goal alignment with student, no upfront cost


only available in 2 time zone now(UTC-7& UTC), studying period is fixed (8 hours per day for 5~6 months)

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Built to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, also increase the productivity gotten off talents. As a student it has been exciting for me. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a remote developers orientation and work ethic before applying for Jobs. Beginners programmers looking to bootstrap fast into the working class would benefit massively from this.
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