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It's not available outside the US it seems. Again I'd love it if the hunted could flag this up.
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@lbrkr for good reason, there is no international support. I'm happy to have a US account though, allowing to test it in Germany. Of course, it doesn't support German (and I wonder if that will work in the sideways display, since the keys will be even smaller). After a while of testing, I like the sound it makes, the fast swiping (and little error) - but the emoji display is less attractive than say Swiftkey, and the lack of key division makes typing a bit less clear. It's a good start though, especially on 6+ devices I see the advantage.
@kees_romkes Sorry that's not what I meant. I meant on product hunt it could be flagged up as specifically US (in this case) Outside users of PH will attest to this that we come across this issue enough to comment. Anyway what "international support" would Microsoft need when we're dealing with the same language ,give or take a spelling here and there? I have a 6+ myself and this is why I'm more than interested in this
I installed and am giving it a try. I like it so far. I used to have an android and when switching to iOS, I noticed the bar for keyboards is REALLY low. As in, pretty much no keyboard except for the Apple default works well. So far this hasn't crashed. So it's better than most everything else out there. The swipe/suggestion works well.
The one hand typing looks strange. But works surprisingly well.
@mscccc better than vanilla?
@rometty_ not sure yet. I'll let you know! It's certainly prettier.
@mscccc Swiftkey is pretty key (see what I did there?). But srsly, I can hardly use Apple keyboard after using SwiftKey.
@andym_dc The problem with swiftkey is that it's strangely inconsistent and unreliable. Most notably when using spotlight search on my iPhone 6+. Just me?
Unavailable outside store ๐Ÿ˜’
Why is it only available in the US store?!
I am so jealous, the Windows Phone version (yes, I actually use Windows Phone) isn't nearly as good as the iOS version :(
@askdaylen I'd say that the autocorrect is around the same, but yeah, the one handed typing and design of the keyboard are IOS specific and aren't available on Windows phone.