Microsoft To-Do is a simple and intelligent to-do list from the Wunderlist team. Whether it's for work, school or home, To-Do will help you increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels.

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Wow... Name: To-Do Logo: Checkmark... I guess corporate b.s. definitely kicked in... WL: "Let's do something bold!" -> MS: "Let's play it safe", WL: "Let's design something that people remember" -> MS: "Let's do something that other people are doing", WL:"Let's create an icon that stands out in the App/Play Store" -> MS: "Let's do something people already understand" It's a shame how such a remarkable design as Wunderlist just got thrown in the dump for a design that I have seen 100x on Dribbble. Come on Wunderlist team, where are the balls to fight for something you believe in? Sorry for the rant - but let's be serious here. For a German startup, you even got in the minds of so many US users, your icon is even used in the PH onboarding when it comes to "productivity". I loved Wunderlist for sticking to its guns. Sure you have to become more fluid with the "design language" of Microsoft. 'Make it personal' and 'create delight' are the "principles"... Guess those flew out the window at meeting 27. p.s. I do love the WL team for creating something so beautiful simple years ago. So kudos to that team.
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@bjorn_bakker I had a ton of stuff in there (I used it as an actionable bookmarker) and it's done my head in to get it all out into.. Asana. FFSake! Anyway, I'm not surprised. Virtually everything that Microsoft touches turns into shite. They buy the biggest bite, chew it raw and spit it out, bones only. BAU This is how a once great product, carefully crafted, dies on the hands of speculators. The new app.. sucks.. hairy.. bollux. German precision and style, replaced by Uncle Larry basement design. Apologies for the tone; ain't no nice a way to say it.
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@bjorn_bakker Do you think the textures and skeuomorphisms + drop shadows were getting a bit long in the tooth, though?
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@lyondhur haha no there is no nice way to say it... :P
Where are the downvotes when you need them @nivo0o0?
@weiluenhuang you know what I find so funny. Most designers don't design for their users, they design for other designers (I actually think I just stole that quote from Ogilvy). Do I think it should have been untouched for years to come — absolutely not! However, to become oblivious with an almost stock-like experience... Nobody wants to be that, right? I still find most peace of mind with 400+ books around me - not in some hipsterish trendy café, where people are more concerned with their latest sneaker trend instead of the actual best coffee.
✅ Kill off Acompli (2015) ✅ Sunset Sunrise (2016) ✅ Destroy Wunderlist (2017)
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@tomfme tough times. Acompli is arguably better as Outlook, however its calendaring functionality still lags far behind what Sunrise offered. Hopefully Wunderlist doesn't suffer the same fate.
@stuartmorrisau @tomfme it's already planned :/ unfortunatly
@tomfme Idk, if this is entirely fair. Acompli is really just Outlook with a rename. Wunderlist team made a new app, that's an evolution of their older app. I was a bit sad to see Sunrise team decide to fold their app and add features into the core Outlook app, though :(
@weiluenhuang @tomfme I beg to differ on this app being an evolution of Wunderlist. As a Wunderlist power user, I think this app is a major disappointment. Requiring me to login, right out of the gates, with a Microsoft account, is strike one. An image with "My Day" taking up 40% of my mobile screen is strike two.
@tomfme thought the same thing. Ridiculous isn't it! Shall we throw in Zune and Nokia? :)
Wunderlist!!??? No....😭😭😭
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@lisadziuba I feel the same way! Guess I might have to switch back to todoist...
Yet another reason to use Todoist
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What's next Microsoft? Alarm clock app? :D
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