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Looks like a "clunkier" version of Trello.
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@hustlinhack The product name already implies clunky - "Microsoft" Planner
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@hustlinhack made by Microsoft! I think these tools are meant to appeal to people who aren't comfortable going outside of their known tech brands.
@hustlinhack I think it looks way cleaner and more useful than Trello!
@andrewgale have to use office 365 to use it though. No thanks.
I've been playing with it for a week. I'm a heavy ASANA user, but we've started to use O365 at work and if this integrates well, it could be useful. So far, I'm not super impressed. Limited features and the connection to OneDrive, OneNote etc is clunky. Like many MS things, it seems like groups up in Redmond don't talk to each other to create a seamless user experience. I'll keep poking at it..
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@deanbrady "I'm not super impressed".. I figured as much. All I saw was a bunch of user experience improvement without real improvements adding value to a planner.
Here's the video overview:
@rrhoover haha there was totally a typo in that video! "registartion" smh
Asana and Trello must have millions of users, but if Microsoft approaches the implementations correctly they could pretty quickly surpass that.
@nivo0o0 but Trello is free. this one is not.
@nivo0o0 but Trello is free. this one is not.
@v3ss0n businesses are used to paying Microsoft lots of money
@nivo0o0 but i still think they should make it free if they want to compete trello. and may be installable version of enterprise.
@v3ss0n @nivo0o0 If its bundled as part of O365, it will be as good as free because businesses already pay for O365. It increases the value prop for O365 package.