Microsoft Kaizala is a secure, chat-based productivity & messaging app that enables effective communication and collaboration among employees, vendors, and customers. The inbuilt action cards makes it perfect for large group communications.
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Is the app name derived from "Kai Jhala?" (Marathi)? The English translation for "Kai Jhala" means "What Happened", very much what the app does I guess
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@prathamesh_sarang Exactly what i thought πŸ˜„
Interesting to see Microsoft target Asian markets with a hybrid of Slack and WhatsApp business πŸ’ΌπŸ’¬
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@amrith how does this specifically target Asian markets?
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@anna_0x since this is mobile-first I think they're doubling down on focusing on India and Asia mainly. Lot of major Indian companies and even the railway authorities are adapting this:
@amrith @anna_0x Looking at the URL, it's in the "en-in" market (India). If you change the URL to "en-us" to see it in their US geo, it's not there. So definitely looks like a product targeted for specific regions, at least India if not more broadly the Asian market.
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@trevin oops, nice catch. I didn't even notice that (mobile browser)!
@amrith I see, thanks for the link!
Interesting to see how Microsoft will position this is product compared to what they already have (Teams, Group Me...). This looks like a WeChat/Telegram competitor.
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That's the Microsoft's UX UI level? Very disappointing.
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Is that you Telegram?
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