Microsoft HoloLens by Example

How to create mixed reality apps for HoloLens

Create awesome Augmented Reality (AR) apps for the Microsoft HoloLens platform

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Danielle Newnham
Founder, Author.
A great book if you are interested in learning about or developing for the HoloLens - "it introduces and demystifies the HoloLens platform and introduces new ways you can interact with computers (Mixed Reality). It will also teach you the important concepts, get you excited about the possibilities, and give you the tools to continue exploring and experimenting. You will go through the journey of creating four independent examples throughout the book, two using DirectX and two using Unity. You will learn to implement spatial mapping and gesture control, incorporate spatial sound, and work with different types of input and gaze. You will also learn to use the Unity 5 SDK for HoloLens and create apps with it. Collectively, the apps explore the major concepts of HoloLens, but each app is independent, giving you the flexibility to choose where to start (and end). What you will learn Extend the computing experience beyond the flat glass screen by placing and embedding virtual objects holograms) into the physical world Interact with the holograms using gaze, gestures, and voice Enhance the experience with spatial sound Allow multiple users to naturally collaborate with each other