Microsoft Clarity

Website analytics powered by machine learning πŸ“Š

Clarity by Microsoft is a web analytics product for webmasters. Session replays and heatmaps powered by AI and machine learning.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
This "looks and feels" like a side project completed in a month.
The introduction of heatmaps is a big one, especially compared to Google Analytics from what I know still requires a chrome extension
@aaronoleary you can also try Yandex Metrika πŸ˜‰
If this has heatmaps and it’s free then I might use it alongside GA.
@scottwyden Using both means additional javascript which slows page load speed impacting both visitor experience and potentially SEO. I wouldn't recommend it.
@benbrausen Speed I know, but it wouldn't slow down a site enough to cause a big SEO rift. - goes to 502 Bad Gateway - Just an FYI - Does it work on React Native or ReactJS