Microsoft Band

Microsoft's $199 fitness tracker

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Really cool product. Works with Windows Phone, Android and iOS. There's also an app for Mac. The Band itself has 10 sensors to do things like 24-hour heart rate tracking, UV monitor, GPS tracking and more. Those are part of the health / fitness aspects, but there's also some smart notification stuff. Text messages, incoming calls, calendar events and more can be displayed on the screen. Plus... Cortana is on your wrist if you're using it with Windows Phone! Ordered mine already!
@samsabri It looks great, trying to order one from the UK but don't think I'll be able to for a while.
We've had pre-production models at work and got OneNote working on here so you can quickly jot down a note or thought similar to what we have on Android Wear. The battery is *really* good, charges in 30 minutes b/c it's small. People are charging their glasses / smart watches 3x more than the Band.
How do we get Bill to join the discussion?
The battle of the health platforms have begun. Hardware will be less of an issue. The real battle is happening at the platform and app level. Interesting days ahead.
@arjunram if Microsoft delivers on its statements fast for Microsoft Health then they're a step further. But I still haven't heard/read any specific plans for developers regarding Microsoft Health.
@kouriskalligas They are probably figuring it out as we speak. Ironic given how Microsoft was the leader in dealing with developers.
The built in GPS tracking in such a small device is surprising. Considering a purchase.