A guide to starting a k-8 school in your home

Microschooled shows you how you can set up a school at home to keep your kids' learning, no matter what happens
Prenda is running similar programs in Arizona very successfully, and decided, because of COVID-19, to opensource a simplified version for free
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This launch is extremely timely. More and more schools will get closed. I hope your guide will help a lot of parents.
Hey everyone. Every day, we work on growing our microschool base in Arizona, but with the Coronavirus growing rapidly, we wanted to help. We are open sourcing all of our thoughts on education and how to start a microschool in your own home, wherever you live. We have over 100+ operating microschools in AZ, and this works very well. I hope you take this and run with it as far as your situation needs. We are here to support the the education of our youngsters.
@mat_sherman hello, it's a gread guidebook for teachers and parents, but I couldn't download it, could you send me it by e-mail?sfc19852001@gmail.com thanks
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