Microdrone 3.0

A customizable drone that fits in the palms of your hands

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This isn't a drone, it's a quad copter that is pretty cool though. It is remote controlled and has a range of 300 feet. A drone can be programmed to fly a particular route without needing to be in range of a controller. I'm being pedantic but quad copters being called drones grinds my gears :P
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@radiofreejohn you are being pedantic ;)
The size of this drone is a huge differentiator. I loved the concept of lily http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... but if this has precision control + video streaming + small size, it's a killer. Just need a better name IMHO ;)
I totally liked it. Almost bought one but just 8 min of flying time concerns me.
@ramgangisetty don't worry, you will crash it in 30 seconds for the first few months lol
@ramgangisetty I've got the Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider & it's flying time is around 8 mins (mostly can last 5 mins). I'm guessing this will be a common theme across the mini drones - hopefully someone will give us 15 minutes flying time soon!
love the idea, I own a phantom 3 professional... the problem is bering so small, a bit of wind is going to destroy it