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Pau Todó
  • Pau Todó
    Pau TodóCreative Director at Jam'on digital

    Useful, well written, goes to the point and offers real help to professional copywriters concerned with today's UX challenges.


    It's a manual to solve very specific situations. Sometimes it falls short on giving you a big picture on digital copywriting.

    The book covers very specific situations that are usually forgotten on most copywriting literature, like how to solve empty states on web forms. In that sense is simply great. It helps the writer to take good decisions on little details that you probably oversaw or took for granted when you started writing. Every chapter is documented with lots of real cases, and the arguments to support the advice are almost unquestionable. So you just have to "follow the instructions", so you spare a lot of critical writing time and efforts.

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Pau Todó
Pau Todó@megaperl · Creative Director at Jam'on digital
A truly useful and comprehensive guide to digital micro-copy. From buttons to error messages, to the overall tone of voice of the brand. I copy-paste the definition of microcopy that inaugurates the book, so you have a feel on the general simplicity and honesty of the book. Microcopy: the definition The words or phrases in the user interface that are directly related to the actions a user takes: • The motivation before the action • Instructions that accompany the action • The feedback after the user has taken the action