Words can engage, elevate or infuriate people depending on how they are used. There are several websites like Pttrns.com that curate the good examples of interfaces and act as source of inspirations. But not many options for copywriters.

The goal of this site is to serve as a source of inspiration for copywriters/UX writers.

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Cool concept. I'd love to see a collection of above the fold copy. How are companies describing their products at the top of their landers.
@dave_poly That is a good product category. Will hunt down some examples and add to site. Thanksfor suggestion. If you come across any, pls feel free to submit it as well :)
@sridharajendran Coincidentally I stumbled upon this article today about just the same. Some good examples in there to cherry pick: https://sleeknote.com/blog/produ...
@dave_poly thanks. Will check it out
Nice job! Is there a newsletter to get new examples?
@wimgz yes there is. But I was skeptical if people would be interested in getting a newsletter. Your thoughts?
@sridharajendran Yes because I wouldn't come back to your site regularly. But it you make a case study newsletter, I could. eg a case study on 404 copy etc with a different theme each time. Also it allows you to control the timing and keep a relationship with users
Love the idea, missing quantity in many categories.
@cameronswrld ya that's true. The site has been active for less than a month. And I am juggling a full time job alongside as well :) Will keep adding more content.
I have a large Collection myself. I’d like to be credited if I submit some 😁
Sure @aafable. While uploading the file, you can mention your Twitter ID/Website name in the description box. https://www.microcopyinspiration... Looking forward for more collaborators.
@sridharajendran how about a website?