A new video app to debate controversial issues

A video app to debate bitcoin, net neutrality, politics and more!

Micgoat is a video app where you can engage in a one-on-one discussion with a fellow citizen. Come reinvent the way people discuss controversial topics.

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22 Reviews4.8/5

Micgoat has the unique potential to be the premier bipartisan platform to discuss and debate the most important issues facing the world. Looking forward to seeing how the platform evolves over the next few months/years.


Well-thought out and very timely especially in these polarizing times



Upvoted because ๐Ÿ But more seriously, this is an interesting format. Historically debates online have been super challenging to facilitate, resulting in flame wars and haters, but I imagine video-based communication curbs much of that. It's harder to disrespect people to their face. ๐Ÿ˜› Tumbleweed is another well-executed app in this category.
@rrhoover thanks for the feedback ! If you like @Micgoat please feature us
@rrhoover QallOut is another one, though it doesn't have an app as far as I know.
@lamaalrajih you're always on top of it! :)

when i try it





nice work


really cool and timely concept! i've already learned quite a bit from the videos.


none so far, look forward to more video uploads

What's the link to play existing debates?
@_vojto Visit our website to see some of the recent debates : https://www.micgoat.com/trending For full access to the platform and debates download Micgoat app : )