The world's easiest podcast hosting service.

1. Create a Dropbox folder for your show
2. Save your audio files in that folder
3. Sync the folder with MicDrop
That's all you need to get started! MicDrop will manage your RSS feed so that listeners can subscribe right away.
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Why did I build MicDrop? One reason is because I love podcasts and want to make it easier than ever for new hosts to get started. With all the different options and approaches available, creating a new podcast in 2019 can be an overwhelming process. Deciding where to host your audio files, where to put your RSS feed, and how to connect with your audience presents a huge number of choices. MicDrop simplifies this by providing all of these services in one place. For more on the background and motivation behind MicDrop, check out this post: https://mattdickenson.com/2019/0...
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Awesome product! Definitely lowers the barrier to entry for creators. Would be great if you could add show notes through a paper doc.
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! Show notes through Dropbox Paper is a great idea. I'll add that to the roadmap and make it a question in future user surveys.
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@matt_dickenson Nice, looking forward to following the project.
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Hi @matt_dickenson, I just checked your landing page. Is the podcast hosted on DropBox? Is that mean free bandwidth (besides $10 for DropBox)? BTW The landing page is so unique.
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@aguspdana Yes, the audio files themselves are on Dropbox and so there's no additional cost for bandwidth/hosting.