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Thank you Tosh for hunting Mica @ Kik! It was a tough ride, getting her reviewed by the Kik team, so I hope, you enjoy this chatbot! <3 If you have any questions about creating the personality, design and development of chatbots feel free to ask! This is how Mica works: simply scan the code with your Kik app and start a conversation!
When you are new to a city it is always a challenge to find the amazing 🌮🍔🍕🍱 restaurants and ☕️🍩 coffee shops. On top of that you probably rather want to enjoy your stay instead of having to make hundreds of decisions of 🌇 which place to check out when. This is where good recommendation systems like 🐯 Mica, the Hipster Cat really shine. Worth checking out. A few months ago something like this would have been a mobile app. Now it is a pretty useful experience within 📱 major messaging platforms.
@__tosh no app install needed! everyone on the Kik platform can use Mica there!
Nice idea to go to Kik! <3 What was the biggest challenge to update Mica to Kik?
@natalie_korotaeva the technical implementation of a Kik version of Mica wasn't so challenging, but the review team gave me a hard time ;) they also review the UX of a bot and complained e.g. about the order of the buttons or wording
best hipster places recommendation ever!
One of the few bots I use regularly! Glad its also on kik now!