mia Contacts

A guide for people you know.

Find what you need, from the people you trust.

mia organizes your contacts automatically, tagging people with locations, skills, schools and companies.

When you tag your own contacts, they get tagged in others' contacts, too; collectively organizing the world.

So you can quickly message Engineers you know in L.A., who studied at USC.

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Hey PH! We’re very excited to bring mia Contacts to you! mia automatically organizes your contacts, to create a guide of all the people you know, and tags them according to their skills, locations, schools and companies. It’s always updating, so you can stay on top of changes - like where they are and how they can help. So you can find what you need from the people you trust. mia is visually stunning, and introduces a completely new way of navigating through contacts. Making it easy to hone in into the 3 people of the thousands you know that can help, quickly. mia is networked - so when you tag Alice as ‘foodie’, your friends who also know Alice get that tag, too. A crowdsourced community helping make each others’ lives just a bit easier to manage - what’s not to love? :-)
Hey @akumar1, How does mia Contacts differ from similar apps out there? What makes it better?
@jacqvon most people make literally thousands of connections over decades, and all these languish in the electronic abyss that is our Contacts app. While other apps focus on super-users, we are trying to make *everyone's* Contacts more manageable. So we've made it much simpler and more visual, so more people use it, to find people they're looking for. We've also added a Tag game, that helps people organize their own contacts in a fun way. Of course, when people tag someone, their friends get those tags too - a neat crowdsourcing angle, we think. And we've seeded it all with 4 billion (with a b!) tags, so most people will get most of their contacts organized instantly. And we're adding many more tags! All things we think are quite new and different :-)

When you tag anyone, this app will spam your contacts with text messages. I couldn't feel more stupid when I got screenshots from everyone trying to explain what happened. DO NOT USE THIS APP!


Contact management


Spamms all your contacts

Hi Lukas, we let people know how they have been tagged to avoid abuse. We have seen a lot of apps where tagging led to abuse, and because this app uses crowdsourcing to work (when you tag someone, those tags show up for those people, in everyone else’s contacts too), we wanted to make sure people know how they are being tagged.

Very exciting !


Much needed app to unlock power of Rolodex and more


More matchmaking tools

Social authentication is required in this app. Little bit complex process while on-boarding through email ID.