Facebook Messenger sequences and growth widgets for creators

MFY is a simple tool for creators to grow and engage subscribers on Facebook Messenger. It makes it easy to create sequences (drip campaigns) in Messenger that supports both plain text and rich messenger cards.
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Hi Everyone! I'm Arun, co-founder and CEO at MFY. It's been over a year since we launched our MVP (then named Messengerify) which was a chat widget for websites powered by Facebook Messenger. Based on the feedback we got from the community and our early users, we have been hard at work iterating on this simple idea: enabling website owners engage their visitors via Facebook Messenger. Why? Because of open rates of 80% and click through rates 4-10x in FB Messenger compared to email campaigns. Actually this is a problem we faced and solved for ourselves at our previous startup. We went through multiple iterations on this idea since our first ProductHunt launch. We have written down our long journey in this medium article: I am hoping this latest incarnation (we call it version 4) with drip sequences, growth widgets for websites will benefit from the honest feedback and support from Product Hunt community. Going forward, our team is focussed on developing the best messenger marketing tool for bloggers, makers, and content creators. We hope it to be what ConvertKit did for creators but for the Messenger space (Big fan of @nathanbarry btw). A big shoutout to @manikarthik for hunting MFY and for offering first-hand feedback as a customer. Also to @pescamillap for hunting our MVP 1.5 years ago which kickstarted this whole journey for us. And a big thank you to the product hunt community! It was your support and feedback that motivated us to continue working on our startup dreams. And as a gesture of gratitude for the product hunt community in enabling our startup journey, we are offering 30% off for life on yearly plans and priority support for the product hunt community. Use the code MFY4PRODUCTHUNT in the checkout page. PS: We are live streaming our Product Hunt launch! To tune in visit: Check out our Product Map:
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This nimble tool lets visitors on your website subscribe to your updates via Facebook in a simple click. Then on, you can send them messages as broadcasts or scheduled messages. It automatically sniffs out category/tags etc from the URL and auto-tags subscribers so you know where they came from. I can totally see this replacing email lists (probably not for all niches but marketing focused ones) as it would deliver better. The downside, of course, is that a lot of it depends on Facebook and you have to play by their rule book!
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@manikarthik Yes that's true. But I am sure the FB Messenger policy is to ensure that it does-not devolve into a spam channel. The platform dependency is still there but given the upside of 1.2 billion monthly users on FB Messenger and the 80% open rates, we believe the rewards outweigh the risks. Sure, email-ids are technically not controlled by any platform. Then again, more restrictions on using email-lists are going to come in future. The GDPR stuff is just the beginning.
Just signed. Great UI, functionalities and everything looks so perfect about this app. Pretty interesting tool. Have been in internet marketing for a long time now. Never thought such app will ever exist. Seems like a must-have tool for modern days marketers. I would call it MailChimp for messenger marketing. Recommended to give it a try to see, how you can get benefitted using this app.
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@jingyansu_choudhury Thank you for trying out our early versions and giving valuable feedback! We have iterated on the product multiple times based on feedback from our early users. Can't wait to get more suggestions and feedback from you guys! (btw, our roadmap is public and you can contribute to it here:
Interesting tool! Congrats on launch.
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@iamsooraj Thank you so much for the support! :)
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Hey Arun, What exactly does automatic segmentation mean? How does it work and do we have analytics for it?
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@jithu_a_prasad We basically do segmentation using tags. Tags are added based on which widget visitors clicked to sign-up as a Messenger subscriber. Also, the following tags are automatically applied: First, referral URL. For e.g if the visitor came to your landing page form reddit, and subscribes using the corner widget in the landing page, a referrer:reddit tag is applied for them. Second, UTM parameters in the URL. Third, Wordpress category and tags are also automatically applied to subscribers. So using tags you can create sub-segments of subscribers to send both sequences and broadcasts in Messenger. Tags can be combined using AND/OR operators to fine-tune the segmentation. Analytics? We have analytics for open rates and click-through rates. Also for broadcast we show how many subscribers that it will be delivered to based on the tag combination.
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@arunaugustine that's great Arun. Nice way to take advantage of the social media channels. πŸ‘