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Mezi, can you help me find the perfect Man Bun for a wedding on Saturday? We are very much scraping the surface with AI products... seeing them at their fundamentals and cannot wait to see what the next year will bring in layering other features on top. This is a cool use case.... I'm not a browser when it comes to shopping and like having limited options to choose from (as long as I like one). I believe they call it 'Essentialism' ;) @snehal @swapnil_shinde - tell us about the background behind Mezi.... Where are the items sourced from? How many products have been sold through the platform already? Does it offer international support? How difficult is it to build an AI product of this level? What difficult challenges did you encounter?
@bentossell, thanks for the note. You are absolutely right. AI products are just starting to scratch the surface and super exciting times are ahead. Here's some background. One evening while driving back from work, my wife wanted few things from several different stores. That’s when I thought how cool it would be if everything was taken care of with just a few text messages. That is how the idea of Mezi was born. Today’s working professional is busier than ever -- heading to their next meeting, rushing to their social engagements, sending emails and texting in between. To them, maximizing the day is supercritical. What makes an assistant valuable is their ability to make your job and life better. From booking your business trip to New York to your family vacation to Hawaii, from buying office furniture to gifts for your loved ones, from booking tickets for your favorite concert to an outing with your team, the all-in-one, super human assistants of days gone were invaluable for busy professionals. Today, with the advent of artificial intelligence and human expertise, Mezi wants to give every professional their own shopping assistant. Mezi is a truly human interface: a trusted partner you can depend on. Powered by artificial intelligence and assisted by human experts, Mezi gets smarter and faster with every customer interaction.
@bentossell We most certainly can help you with the perfect Man Bun! It looks from your profile photo like you’ve got short hair, but we have some ideas for how you can still achieve the ideal dude-do. We’re waiting for you to come on the app and ask. :)
@bentossell regarding your question: How difficult is it to build an AI product of this level? It’s a pretty complex problem to solve. We narrow the scope of the problem by tackling the biggest verticals, one by one. As opposed to other players in this space who are horizontal, we have a vertical focus which allows us to optimize for the most popular use cases. When we started, 100% of our responses were human. Today, 20% of our responses are automated by artificial intelligence. As we continue to build out our product and technology stack over the next several months, we hope to drive 80% of our responses by artificial intelligence for some of our key verticals.
@swapnil_shinde haha I'm joking... Man Bun = 🙅
💃 If anyone wants a free $15, use this link to sign up (open on mobile, not web):
how's this compare to Operator?
@_jacksmith we are targeting busy professionals. Also, we differ in the way we have developed our platform - our shopping concierge platform is vertically focused and merchant / business agnostic. From what we know, Operator doesn’t do Travel and that's one of our key verticals.
@swapnil_shinde Operator targets busy professionals as well... but yes, the travel part might be a differentiator
@swapnil_shinde Cheers for that aggressive AI goal! How does Mezi handle looking for the best priced item (or does it?)
@kkdub integrations with tools that do price comparison. To be frank, that's not a core use case for majority of our users.
Love seeing so many fellow startups in the space :) We originally started with the shopping assistant approach at @shopdenarri , then found that our users in particular already knew what they wanted, they just needed a marketplace that was smart enough to determine whether they prioritize price or speed, and then get them the best match based on that with barely any work on their part. I'd love to chat going forward and exchange notes!
@ghobs91 all the best man. Let's definitely connect offline. If you plan to be around Sunnyvale let's grab a coffee.