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#2 Product of the DayApril 08, 2016

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The bots are taking over!
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is there a place where i can see some bots that were developed by Meya?
@urieli17 Not quite yet. We'll be putting up a gallery soon. We've been building private bots for the last year for restaurants and a general intelligent assistant. We put those on pause while we opened up the platform for people to build on.
@ekalvi @urieli17 +1 - it looks very interesting but I've got no idea if I'd be able to use it for the types of applications we have that require bots
@himatthewnewton @urieli17 We're working on docs/examples today that should help shed light on what's possible / what's not at the moment and in the future. Anything specific in mind? We've built a few things so far: a general intelligent assistant backed by customer support, an automated restaurant takeout ordering system (launched on actual restaurants), a doorbell bot to know when someone has arrived in the office, an appointment booking bot for hair salons, ...
@ekalvi @himatthewnewton I believe that the key to your success will be a simple onboarding experience .you have to make it very simple for everybody to start building there own bots - especially for people who don't have any background in coding. then the examples will be only a way to see how awesome your product is. i'm on the waiting list and looking forward to give it a real try and send you guys feedback :)
@urieli17 Fair points. Working on it. Can you DM me your email on twitter? I believe your invite was sent.
Details on the launch of another bot platform! Looks cool!
@chrismessina Lots of bots on product hunt already today cc: botpages.
Hey everyone! Excited to find out Meya has been added to Product Hunt. We just opened up access to our bot platform. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to build bots that are useful as possible. Our tech works best with transactional bots (order something, book something, connect to an API, etc.) We've launched with support for: Twitter, Slack, Kik, Telegram and SMS via Twilio. We'll be adding more integrations as fast as we can. I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
Our Slack Community invites got throttled, but I've got it lifted. Sending more now.
@ekalvi I literally just published a Medium post asking for someone to create this *today* ( and here you are! It's cosmic. Are you fundraising?
Love the Her reference on the homepage.
@ryanjamurphy I think Spike Jonze deserves major kudos from the tech community for such a prescient concept.