The next-gen social network with no BS!

Go beyond traditional social media and play without limits, create without rules and demand the freedom to be your uncensored self. This is what happens when you join MeWe: the next-gen social network. There are No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. Express yourself, your way #OnlyOnMeWe.

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What makes this “next gen”?
I realised there are some marketing terms like Next Gen & No BS, Fine. But, how do you make profit out of it when there is no BS?
I have been unable to sign up to this site here in Africa. I guess they are geo blocking IPs from the african continent. Please sort this out..

I have sent the feedback team several emails as well as the Founder and CEO but i haven't received any response. I don't think i can recommend this to any of my friends since they will be unable to sign up on the service.


No pros from me yet til i can sign up and use it


They geo block IP addresses from Africa so you can't sign up from Africa