Mew and Me

Bringing animals and their people closer together

Do you ever feel bad about leaving your cats alone? So do we! That's why we built Mew and Me!

Mew and Me is a collection of automatic tablet games for cats. They are the only games intended to be left on when you are out of the house, and the first games that track your pet’s usage to show you what they have been up to.

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I work long hours as an engineer but still want to find ways to make sure my kitty is getting the best life possible! Love this app and can’t wait to see the new smart toys these guys come up with 😃
@kelsey_603 Happy to hear it! We have all sorts of fun things planned, like the ability to remotely control the games when you are hard at work engineerin' :D
Cool idea but how do you protect ipad from accidental scratching?
@cbenkendorf We definitely recommend screen guards :D
Hey everyone! Willem here, CEO and CTO of Mew and Me. Mew and Me is just the entry product to what we envision to be an entire smart pet marketplace. We want to build toys for animals of all shapes and sizes, that all use the idea of automatic and remote capability to improve the quality of life of your animals, give you a window into their lives, and learn about pet psychology in a way that nobody ever has before!