Mevo by Livestream is a small and light camera that you can easily stream live with up to full HD 1080p or record in up to 4K on your SD card. It comes with a really cool feature that you can edit your video in real-time on your mobile device or tablet, all you need to do is to download the app.

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I want to buy like 10 of these.
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Love it when you see a new product that is SO obvious in it's not-obviousness that it makes you feel really stupid, but happy that it got made. I'm wondering if it has lens distortion correction? Being that it's a very wide angle, and you can create cropped shots on any part of the screen, once you get away from the center those edge cropped shots are going to start to look a little weird.
Such a beautifully designed product. Especially, Mevo - Black.
I ordered a few of these units back in January 2016 for myself and a few mega churches & pastors in the States, back when the price was $100 less than what it is now. We were promised that the units would ship mid April 2016. Unfortunately, they changed their name and the estimated delivery date to late July 2016. Yep another whole 3 months to wait. In defense, Movi, now Mevo did offer a no questions asked refund, but it could not be done automatically, you are prompted to send an email to their customer service department and wait on them to respond. 🤔😳 Have you ever been so stoked about a product, but not confident about its delivery. This is becoming a book, but it may just be worth it to you, to wait until it's actually available to order. By that time all your YouTubers will be able to offer trust worthy reviews & actual sample footage. I along with several churches and pastors had high hopes and may still see use for this camera once it's actually a product. I really just wish there was better communication from LiveStream's CEO. Maybe they need to put together a product launch team, who along the way say,,, Feb/March would have communicated that we, many Movi, now Mevo see new opportunities with our camera and want to revamp our original concept to not be locked into a subscription based service specific to LiveStream's platform but open to Facebook Live, Periscope, & or other LiveStreaming Platforms. Ok I'm done.
Great concept however the video quality is disappointing based on this footage
@cherifmahiedine Oh that was a little disappointing :( The audio was quite muffled too. Think I'll be waiting for 2.0. Beautiful product and great launch however!