Making every car a smart car

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Hi there Product Hunters - I lead product design at Metromile and wanted to give you a quick update. We’ve been quiet on Product Hunt lately, focusing on expanding our pay-per-mile insurance product (now available in 6 states!). Behind the scenes, we’ve also been hard at work on our smart driving app. We’ve taken customer feedback as inspiration to make some exciting updates, which we can't wait to share with the Product Hunt community in just a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!
You beat me to it. They just announced Street Sweeping alerts in SF this week, which sounds like an awesome idea. I've had this device for a few months now. The hardware is great, the iPhone app still has a lot of room for improvement. Love that it uses a cell signal and doesn't need to be paired over BlueTooth.
Automatic, also dubbed as "Fitbit for your car" was submitted by @heydjeff yesterday: We're finally starting to see more practical use cases and value from the "internet of things."
These are really a big deal when counting business miles. You no longer have to remember to log the miles both before and after a trip. Free is a nice price, but I'm also more wary of privacy because of it. I wonder if charging $2/mo would make me psychologically feel better? (Tall order.)
looks like they pivoted to a new product (car insurance for people that don't drive much). Smart move!