Automate Adwords & Facebook based on the weather forecast

Metri is a platform which allows you to easily sync your Facebook, Instagram and AdWords ads with the weather forecast. It takes few clicks to setup incredibly powerful automations which can increase your sales drastically. One automation is always free for everyone.

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Hello Producthunt!! This video shows you in ~ 1 minute what's all about: In few words weather affects purchasing behaviour a lot!! yet, ads are always the same. This is a bad experience for both end consumers and companies. We are here to change this. We allow anyone to create incredibly powerful rules in just few clicks. Soon we will release many more triggers, like stock market data, sport scores, website activity and much much more! One automation is free and the code PRODUCTHUNT gives you 50$ in credit to play a little more! Let me know your thoughts!
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You should add the same scenarios what users can do with Metri, will be very helpful. For example, a restaurant offering cold drinks when is hot. But the question - as Facebook ads, or adwords at the beginning of each campaign needs go through learn mode to optimise their algorithms, so it needs time, and a wheater can change in the middle of the learn mode, what we can do about it?
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@pdziedzicz Hi Peter, yes, we are working some specific use cases, at the moment we have a food delivery service showing more ands and push notifications on rainy days, and a stock market company showing different ads depending on the stock price. We are also working with a Real Estate company. Regarding optimization, that works only when the ads are running, so if you set your ads to run only on rainy days, Adwords and Facebook will run their optimization without any issue, and actually without knowing, they would optimize for people willing to buy on a rainy day, making Metri even more efficient.
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This is really cool - it could potentially save a tonne of time and money by automating rules. Eager to try it out!
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@gradient_elephant Thank you! Let us know what sort of trigger/action you would like us to add!
@caschy Heh! Yes, it's a free open source logo! You can get more of them here: It's quite a bit used, but we want to focus on the product right now and not on designing a cool logo. We will soon though!