Your online store's co-pilot (for WooCommerce)

Real-time reports, infinite segmentation, product insights, customer tools, email automation, abandoned cart tracking, and 100's of other features, just for WooCommerce stores.

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Hi all! My 5th product on Product Hunt πŸ€— Almost 5 months ago I left my incredible job at Automattic (and previously WooCommerce) to try build a product for WooCommerce I'd dreamed about building for years. Metorik's my attempt at creating the perfect analytics and management tool for WooCommerce. It's built just for WooCommerce, using the WooCommerce & WordPress APIs to do everything. There a ton of features like Google Analytics integration, Zendesk/Help Scout/Freshdesk integrations & apps, many reports (LTV/customer retention, anyone?), instant order/customer/product/category filtering (even if you have 100k+ orders), digest emails/Slack messages, customer profiles, exporting, variation sales, unlimited team members, and like 100 other things. Super interested to hear what you think and feel free to ping me on the site's live chat or ask here if you have questions! Still a lot more to come, but excited to be here on Product Hunt today. I'm also chronicling the development and future of Metorik with a Behind the Scenes blog - 😎
@bryceadams Checking in after a month or so to see how you went - 30 paying customers is great! Any thoughts on what is helping/hindering your growth? My first thought with Metorik is that it's so incredibly feature rich - are you finding that people are gravitating towards certain features? For me, my two main areas of interest are: - A better dashboard for handling orders (I actually export the data from my store and run it through my own dashboard at the moment) - Better analytics, particularly with path-to-purchase and cart abandonment. I've paused my store at the moment, but will no doubt jump back on once I relaunch later this year
Thanks for checking in @rossdcurrie :) Discovery and education are the only real issues. I'm experimenting with different ways to inform actual store owners that a product like this exists and then educating them on how to get the most value out of it. As you said, management is a key feature in Metorik and pain point in WooCommerce itself, so it's working well there. Also integrations and digests (passive reporting) seem to do well. Looking forward to it! Good luck with the relaunch πŸ˜‡
I've migrated a handful of client sites over to Metorik and it's blown my mind. Reporting is such a major pain point for WooCommerce store owners. Very happy this exists.
Means so much coming from you @jessethanley - thank you again 😍
I'm really psyched on this. Metorik worked brilliantly right from the get go. I run a few WooCommerce stores each with millions in revenue and years of order history and I immediately got huge value out of Metorik, simplifying many things that Google Analytics offers and smashing it out of the park with others. I had had to build custom software to do much of what this does easily. I'd been looking for the perfect WooCommerce reporting tool for years. This is it.
@mrmikehalligan Cheers Mike 😌 Getting your seal of approval meant the world to me. Looking forward to working together more in the future!
It's here! Make no mistake, Metorik is a must-have if you run a WooCommerce store. Integration was absolutely painless as well. Well done @bryceadams!
@ddunderfelt Thank you so much Daniel!
Great addition to the WooCoomerce ecosystem :) Will refer Metorik to all our theme users. Keep up the good work @bryceadams
@ti_asif I really appreciate that Asif. Keep up the good work yourself too!