Reading Telegram channels online

The service is unofficial aggregator of Telegram channels. You can view the messages of channels without an application, create feeds, read rss and search for hashtags.
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I like the idea! But I think the interface can be improved :)
@jefferson_jadulco Yes, I agree) much can still be improved. I hope to fix the site in the future
Great job @Santo Marino! Bravo! a) What led you to develop this tool? What was your end goal? Was there a problem you were trying to overcome? b) Am I understanding right that you can create a RSS feed for any public TG channel through your tool? Is this something that can be done also in other ways? Many thanks Santo. Robin
Initially, I wanted to see channels messages immediately in a browser without app. But in the process of work, the Telegram team made an online version for the channels (ex., so I added rss feeds and a personal feed to monitor many channels. Now every channel that is added to my site has a rss feed. If the channel is missing, you can add it through the form.
@santo @robingood It’s not difficult to make your own rss feed for some channels, but when the number of channels is more than 50k, difficulties appear)
@santo @mar1n0 Thanks Santo. a) where do I see the RSS feed for any channel? b) You say it is easy to create one a RSS feed for a channel, but is there a tool or app to do so?
@santo @robingood On the page of each channel there is a button "Read RSS". For example, I have not used other tools, so I can not help in this matter. I think the search can give results.
@santo @mar1n0 Thanks! Excellent. How do you think of keeping this service sustainable? How many Telegram channels contains Metagram and where are they sourced?
Happy to see another one developer with the Telegram stuff:) (I'am the author of ) Didn't know about (anyways it is not displayed correctly for me, I dunno), instead I have made channels grabber with media support (about 100M record from 9k+ channels). RSS is a thing, but have to abandon project because of no interest (~500 visits per day by organic search and just few signed users) so wish you luck!
@alexander_turkovskii Thank! Yes, I agree, the project requires a lot of resources and therefore there is a problem in its recoupment. We'll hope)