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Great work on this product @jaclyntsui @justinyek @nickang Based on the number of eCommerce shops popping up globally I think this helps sellers at every scale to improve the way they interact with customers leading to more sales conversions. What's the story behind why you created Metisa?
Thanks @nzieber for hunting us and hello hunters! Really excited to be sharing Metisa with you today. Metisa converts your e-commerce visits into sales with real-time recommendations that are powered by machine learning. Metisa increases sales conversions even for first-time visitors, giving you a bigger bang for your customer acquisition buck. You can even continue to engage your customers after they leave your site with personalized, auto-triggered emails. We created Metisa to help marketers grow their businesses with a repeatable, data-driven way that just works. Our algorithms are used by large retailers with over 1 million customers and on average drive a 10-50% sales uplift for businesses. It takes 5 minutes to install and doesn’t require coding at all to get running. Everyone gets a free 30 days trial with Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. In addition, we have an exclusive offer for all hunters: $10 flat monthly fee for unlimited widgets and emails for one year (our standard pricing starts from $25/month and based on the number of customers you have). Just comment below and we will reflect this pricing on your account. This offer is only valid for signups within 14 days of this hunt. We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions! Justin, Jaclyn & Nick
@justinyek - what's the difference with well established players such as RichRelevance
@tweetofjules that's a great question, thanks for asking! First, our recommendations can increase conversion rates for new customers, which means they help lower cost of customer acquisition. A lot of recommendation engines only create uplift for known customers. In a typical ecommerce store, 90% of visits are from unknown customers. Being able to adapt recommendations real-time as customers shop is key to increasing conversion rates for new visitors. A small uplift in conversion rates can decrease cost of customer acquisition across all channels. Second, I cannot speak specifically for RichRelevance, but a lot of established players provide an all-encompassing, feature-rich personalization toolset that might look great from a C-level perspective but be very clunky and confusing for a marketer to use. Our general approach is to focus on the marketer -- simplify and create a tool that "just works". Third, a lot of established players are catered to super big retailers. Our app works with Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce, which means small to mid sized retailers can have access to these powerful algorithms otherwise only available to the big guys. Hope this answers the question!
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interesting product! do you have any plans to add integration with PrestShop? I'm thinking to recommend Metisa to my client for wich I'm building e-commerce with Prestashop 1.7
@voznik Thanks, unfortunately no clear plans yet as we're still focused on the experience for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce first. We have done integration with Prestashop using their in-built webservice but this will require professional services work where we hook it up for you.
The UI looks great. Testing now - so far the Shopify on-boarding has been smooth. Are any integrations possible for retailers who are currently pre-dominantly offline (with access to external POS, loyalty systems), or who might not have the 5,000 online orders threshold indicated in your help docs?
@ivanwwh thanks for trying it out! We def see a lot of businesses with the offline situation you describe. Integrating with external POS / loyalty systems will require manual integration work because they come in different shapes or forms. Do you think it will work if we had an API that would allow you to pipe offline data (i.e. coding is required) into Metisa and merge it with their online data to create a single customer view? What we have been doing with such cases is we help them integrate with their external POS / loyalty systems and bill them for time. For online stores with <5000 order threshold, what we recommend is to continue driving traffic with your store but turn on at least our home page and product recommendation widgets so we can increase your conversion rates and lower your cost of customer acquisition.