Method Wireframe Kit

Find your method of being incredibly fast in prototyping.

Hello hunters!

Our team specialises on UI/UX products and we know how important good prototyping is. Every project starts with the idea - and you need to describe it the better way. This is what our Method made for. More than 200 ready-to-use components in 15 popular categories.

Find your Method.

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Hey guys! We created 200 handy prototyping blocks in 15 popular categories and there are a lot of useful components and elements, symbols and styles. You can easily print these blocks as needed. And - of course - you'll get 100% vector elements based on bootstrap grid, sketch symbols and styles and free fonts. For all hunters, we provide 30% discount (use code ph30). And don't forget to download demo version - to see what's inside: Thanks for watching! I’ll be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions so feel free to write here or to my email
What differentiates this from the dozens of other wireframe kits that are out there? Is it that it's so tightly coupled to the Bootstrap design system? I see one of these a week, and they never really truly delineate one from another. Your features section is a 10-point bullet list that doesn't really illuminate what makes it a feature.
@bsradcliffe You are right, these kits are really similar in most but Method is big beautifully designed. Specifically, it doesn't have any ultimate ideas. This is really just another graphics tool that can boost your workflow.
@shepovalovdenis Fair enough for a candid answer! Thanks. I was more just curious if there was a larger picture I was missing. I will agree, it's very well-designed!
@bsradcliffe Thanks! We'll be glad to hear your opinion about functionality either!