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Hi Product Hunters! Really excited to be featured here. h/t to @mackflavelle for hunting us. We'll hang out all day to answer questions. First, a bit on what we've built and what we're excited about. Earlier this year we launched a simple version of MeterHero that would track your water and energy savings and pay cash rebates via sponsorships with companies that want to support sustainability. But we kept hearing from our users that they wanted to be more social in their conservation efforts. So this week we released our Communities feature. MeterHero Communities is a way for you to set up private groups to save water and energy with people you know and trust. So far, people have been using it at work to create sustainability challenges; in apartment buildings, especially where there's a common water meter and the landlord pays the bill; and of course amongst friends and family. The Community feature is still very nascent, so we'd love to get feedback from you - the experts on community building. Since MeterHero works anywhere, we can see the potential for trans-regional and trans-global communities built around shared values. Ideally, this is a tool that gets used to empower people to solve local problems like water scarcity as well as develop local solutions to global problems like climate change.
@exprofyoung Don't forget to update your meta tags :) <meta name="description" content="Offset water and energy use by funding savings in your community. Earn cash rebates when you conserve.">
@stan Thanks for the reminder:)
I've been using Meter Hero for a while now and it's a fantastic service.
Hi! Great idea, does it also work in the UK?
@cute_life Same question from France :-)
@_yannbertrand yes, we have about a dozen or so French accounts. Typically, you only get your meters read twice per year by your utility, so MeterHero can help you track your usage in the intervening months if you don't mind entering a reading periodically.
@cute_life yes, anywhere that has metered water or energy service
I'll try that tonight then :-)
It's so cool to see so many sign ups today. Because utility data is so uniformly bad, we create all new accounts by hand (ahh...things that don't scale). If anyone would like to be bumped to the head of the line, just ping me and I'll make it happen.
@exprofyoung Can you bump me up the line? I'm really excited at this. I added my water utility. Also as James said, it'd be great to see my utilities somewhere on landing page.
I love the idea, but the signup and website don't give me confidence that this will do anything for me. I don't know what group code means, or where to get one. And I'm unwilling to give my email and other info to create an account since I see no mention of my specific utilities companies. How does this work? Do I need a smart meter? Where do you get the data?
@jameskoole these are totally fair concerns. I wonder what value prop on the landing page would resonate with you? What sort of assurance or benefit would you need to see?
@exprofyoung If I saw a list that included my providers (Toronto Hydro, City of Toronto, Enbridge Gas), or some specific assurance that it would work no matter the provider. The saving money angle is more of a draw for me than climate change would ever be. I'm not seeing enough there to suggest it's worth my while to pass over my credentials for my accounts to a service I've just learned about.
@jameskoole got it. This is very helpful. It's sort of up to the individual whether they see any benefit, so we don't want to over promise if you know what I mean. The more direct value is to put you in a position to make a difference - if this is something you care about.
@exprofyoung I do like the idea - like Mint for utilities. Being able to see all my utilities in one place, and in a nice interface would be great. Our time of use site from the local electricity provider is terrible. Water and gas usage is a black hole of nothingness save for getting a bill every month or two.
@jameskoole that's exactly why we built this. Frustrating experiences with utilities and a black hole of information. We have quite a few folks who have to send us pictures of their water bills because it's all they get.