Bring your app to life with delightful animations

Meteoritic is an animation delights library for iOS and Android.

Meteoritic helps increase user engagement and improve user experience by applying screen effects & animations to key triggers.

Meteoritic offers different animations suit different apps styles.

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Hello Product Hunt ❤ After months of Researching, Testing and Working on Meteoritic, I am truly excited to launch our MVP on PH. I created Meteoritic with the vision of creating a comprehensive engagement platform for mobile apps that use screen effects & Animations to integrate with user interactions to increase engagement by establishing an emotional connection with users. With deep analytic and user journey map optimizations, Meteoritic aims to help apps reach their goals of having a better more delightful user experience as well as better understanding of user behavior. Here’s a highlight of some of Meteoritic’s features so far: - You can add multiple apps to your account free of charge. - Premade themes and animations that suit different use case scenarios. - Cross-platform API's that works on both Android & iOS. - See analytics about how users engage with different functions. - Activate/Deactivate different animations right from the dashboard. To make Meteoritic useful, I’d love for you to give the beta a try and share your feedback. Thanks so much ❤