Meteor Toys 2

Insanely handy development tools for Meteor.js

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Meteor Toys have quickly become one of the key developer tools of the Meteor ecosystem. Keep up the great work!
@sachagreif thanks man :)
Hey everyone - good to be here :) Meteor Toys started out as widgets I set up for myself to ease the development process with Meteor. They were first open source, and then I launched the premium version. You can learn about how it started over at Discover Meteor: Please let me know if you have any questions. Temporary message: if you're interested in purchasing, use the code "ProductHunt" for a limited-time discount :)
Been using mongol for months now. Highly recommended for all meteor devs out there! ctrl + m is where the magic happens <3
@henrikharju haha indeed :)
Is your middle name 'Time'?
@stinhambo haha! where has this been my whole life?
Just wanted to mention that there is now a Meteor Toys for production - its called Meteor Candy. Check it out on :)