Meteor 1.0

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Wow. Sure, the community isn't as large as something like Django or Rails, but Meteor looks incredibly amazing.
this looks awesome! have to give it a try soon! :)
@SachaGreif knows a lot about this. :)
@rrhoover that makes me think, I have a product to hunt as well!
@SachaGreif what are some of your favorite meteor-created web apps?
@rrhoover I think the ones mentioned on the Meteor homepage are a pretty good selection. To be honest I've been so busy with both Telescope and Discover Meteor lately that I haven't really had time to look around at what other people were doing!
Finally here! Exciting. Been tinkering with Meteor lots as it's grown up.
Using Meteor for different products since v.0.8 (current version is and this framework is just amazing. Only one sad moment for me, as old fan - stopped support of Blaze by Meteor Development Group. If you have experience with backend on nodejs then you should have experience with Meteor. If you never coded even one line of backend javascript code then Meteor is very good point to start. P.S. Meteor is isomorphic fullstack framework, so basically you doesn't need anything to make you new product on Meteor