Forecast the weather with geolocation

#3 Product of the DayJune 05, 2016
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Does this work differently from Dark Sky?
@georgeholeva wondering the same thing.
This is especially useful for cities like San Francisco that have drastically different microclimates. The Mission can be nearly 10 degrees warmer than Russian Hill.
Congrats on the launch @geppyp
Out of the row of weather apps on my home screen, which one would you replace? I have Storm for radar and alerting, Dark Sky for timely precipitation forecasting and alerting, WeatherLine for good hourly forecasting, and Living Earth for the App Badge temperature and cloud cover.
I wonder how well this would work in the mountains to forecast snow conditions. Skiers are constantly looking for snowfalls.
@marceaul actually we tested that here in the USA and it works very well.